Diary of All-Ukrainian search military-memorial expedition “Liberation of Krivbass”

Day №3 (working day №2; 7 August, 2016, Sunday)

A new day and new challenges.  Every resident of our camp has an overwhelming desire to go again to their locations and continue searching for long-awaited “pieces of news from the war”. Despite the scorching sun (the temperature reached +40), excitement did not diminish, but on the contrary it increased. With such a feeling today our field camp woke up at dawn. 

At the field kitchen work was in full swing, our cook Oksana was making a tasty and nourishing breakfast. Slowly the residents of the search camp began making their way to the flavors of the kitchen. The meeting place is our so-called field canteen where over a cup of delicious coffee everybody is discussing the first working day, the first findings and share impressions which are enough. However, for somebody this Memory Watch became the first, but definitely not the last one. 

Discussion of locations and the group went to the places of search operations. By one of the search groups during the painstaking area survey and its excavations was found an interesting “piece of news from the war”. While further examining, it proved to be a German field stove (potbelly stove) of factory production. 

According to the searchers, it is very rare that one can discover such a finding. In addition, at the other locations there were found scissors and a helmet of a soviet soldier, sleeves with a calibre equal to152 and 76, boxes from the MG machine gun, and the horn from the PPS machine (“Pistolet-pulemyot Sudaeva” or “Sudaev's submachine-gun”). 

In one of the German trenches the searchers found a knife, a comb, a cover from the enamel pot, two boxes of gas mask (gas container), a part of pocket mirror and a German helmet. Besides, it occurs to discover threat echoes of that war. There were discovered explosive objects which will later be transferred to the State Emergency Service for deactivation. 

The largest and the most important finding for today was the front chassis of the IL-2 aircraft in good condition that could be an interesting museum exhibit. In the future, the searchers are planning to find the location of the very aircraft and to raise it. There is a hope that during this Memory Watch there will be found and identified the aircraft's numbered units what will help to find out the destiny of the crew. 

Also the searchers professionally prepared a place for the temporary depositing of the remains. 

Now is supper time at the camp, pleasant conversations, and great plans for the next working day. At supper, it was inadvertently heard the conversation of the representatives of the search party for children and young people who, despite all the difficulties, with great enthusiasm, take part in search operations: “...we would dig even until morning, it is a pity that it is impossible to conduct light into the excavation sites”). With such young people, we are sure that both in the search movement and in the country everything will be fine! 

We know that tomorrow there will be new findings and, of course, interesting news for you. Watch our “Diary of expedition”. Until next time!

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