Diary of All-Ukrainian search military-memorial expedition “Liberation of Krivbass”

Day №2 (working day №1…)

The morning of the first working day for the camp of searchers began as early as before dawn. With the birth of a new day, with the first beams of the not yet scorching sun, being full of energy, the residents of the tent city began to prepare for their work. While the majority of our country's citizens were still watching a morning dream, life was already in full swing here: the command was specifying agreed locations on the maps, searchers were packing their rucksacks and checking the instruments. 

Preparation  for breakfast at our field kitchen was well under way too, they kindled fire and prepared the food. Here life is according to schedule, the discipline is almost military, and full abidance by rules of search operations at field conditions. 

The searchers of Memory Watch were divided into 5 working groups which include not only professional searchers with a wealth of experience, but also beginners. The supervisors of the groups got kits of sets for exhumation, all the participants acquainted themselves with the rules of work at the open area and basic security measures. And finally the cars drove to the places of search. Everybody has the only dream, namely, to find a soldier, but not one, besides a medallion or a personal thing by means of which it will be possible to identify him. 

At first, at the places of location there was a check-up of the area with metal detectors for the availability of different foreign bodies in the soil, and after that further work started in full swing. With every signal the searchers have a hope for an important “piece of news from the past” that will reveal its history and tell us about the time when on this land there were bloody, fierce battles. The first findings gave strength. All worked as one from the youngest searcher to our beloved assistant - dachshund Mysha. 

According to experienced searchers, every day is very important because one can never be one hundred percent sure that it is in this, it seemed, checked location that will be a long-awaited finding. One should check everything, of course, taking into account any changes of the landscape, the area in general. A significant and ugly factor is the impact of work of looters whom we call “black diggers”. This is particularly evident when one comes across places with long-awaited remains. And today it happened as well, the group of our searchers led by the experienced professional came across   such a finding when among the dense thickets near the road they discovered the bones of an unknown soldier. It was obvious that before us, perhaps, long ago worked looters, after all, the skeleton was not complete and mutilated. One would like to believe that one day it will be possible to identify his name.    

From morning until late at night work is under the scorching sun at the huge areas, but it does not stop us, we are step by step, inch by inch approaching our aim. It is common for us, namely, to find, raise and identify, for the lists of missing persons should finally reduce as well as their general terrifying statistics.


Tomorrow is a new day, of course, there will be new findings and interesting news for you, watch our “Diary of the expedition”. Until next time!

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