Dear friends, colleagues-archaeologists!

Traditionally, the Archaeologist's Day we celebrate on the 15th of August. On this day of all days there sound congratulations, wishes, toasts.

However, many people still do not understand that actually every day of our history is also the Archaeologist's Day. By your scrupulous labor, every day you fill up the archive of the universe, reveal the secrets and riddles, make significant discoveries, present sensations to the world - you study not only the past, but often predetermine the future. 

We, searchers, in our turn, try to adopt your invaluable knowledge and experience in our work. It will not be an exaggeration, if I say: thankfully to the instructions, recommendations and advice of archaeologists, the standards of our profession have significantly increased. 

It is even hard to imagine what we would know about ourselves and our history without archaeologists. Without these assiduous, persistent and purposeful professionals. Without the teachers who instill our growing generation craving for knowledge, love of history, perfectionism, diligence, and self-possession. 

So with all my heart I want to wish the archaeologists of Ukraine new achievements, health and inexhaustible source of inspiration! May every day bring new discoveries. Stay devoted to your occupation! True friends, good luck and patience to you!

Being a cohesive team that has common values, we will make more than one discovery. Together, we'll get to any kind of truth! 

Thank you all for the selfless work you put sometimes above your personal interests and family affairs. Thank you that over the course of many years you were able to go through all kinds of trials, having stayed people and saved honor! 

Yaroslav Zhilkin,

NGO “Union “People's Memory”

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