Day№ 2 of work of military-memorial expedition “International Memory Watch “Cheremkha-2016” (“The Carpathians-2016”)

Diaries of the search military-memorial expedition “International Memory Watch “Cheremkha-2016” (“The Carpathians-2016”). Day 2.

Wake-up was, as usual, at 7:00 a.m. The morning of the second day of the search expedition started with the rain which has continued since the previous evening. 
It seemed that one more day would be down the drain. There was no desire to get out of the tents, but when all remembered about breakfast, having taken a grip on themselves, people made their way to the kitchen. 

Fog enveloped the whole camp, dampness chilled to the bone, the rain continued to drizzle. But as soon as a morning meeting took place, the rain stopped. It was decided to start search operations as soon as possible. 
All the groups were reminded of possible danger one can face when working. The second day of search was even riskier because of the fog. Every searcher signed in the safety and health log. All the tools and instruments were taken, food for a halt was packed, the groups changed clothes and were ready to get to work! All the searchers went to different points, gradually disappearing in the fog. 

The search group «Dnieper» was carrying out its works on the ridge of mount Kukul. The main task of the searchers was to find the territory of the abandoned cemetery where were burial places of the soldiers of the First World War and fence it in. 

This task was carried out by the searchers very well. More than half the work was done during the day. The group did a blind area and paths between burial places, marked the edges of the territory.  

Before coming back to the camp, the search group «Dnieper» decided to walk one more time with a metal detector on the slopes of the mount. 

During the free search there were found a lot of interesting artifacts.
Among them there are 50 broken grenades, so-called «kugels».   

One of them, almost unbroken, was found accidentally during the excavation.

There were discovered the parts of a potbelly stove. 

Also, during the excavation there were discovered such objects as horseshoes, bullets, shells, UXO, etc. 

Besides, the search group «Dnieper» had a helper, that is, a dog named Nemets. He perfectly coped with his work. He brought work gloves and kept up spirits of the group.  

The search group “Memorial”, having walked along the plain of the same mountain, came across the foxholes with a large number of hand grenades (“kukuruzkas”, “kugels”). 

The search group “West” climbed up to the top of the ridge of mount Kukul. 
They have found a lot of     shell craters, dug out earlier, foxholes with a large number of different shrapnels and cartridges from the Mosin rifle and the Mannlicher rifle. Also, there were found the Romanian Mosin rifles 1940 year of production. This finding suggests that combat positions of the First World War were used during the Second World War too. 

Search group “Kiev” was working in 1.5 km from the top of mount Kukul, in 11 km from the village of Vorokhta. The team carried out the search in the areas where before the start of the expedition were found the remains of three soldiers. Everything started since the moment when the hotline of NGO “Union “People's Memory” received a call from the tourists who informed about their accidental finding.  To the reconnaissance to the Carpathians there went Evgeniy Kukoverov and Vladimir Vladimirovich Dorofeyev.   
Upon arrival, our reconnaissance group discovered the traces of the unauthorized excavation. In view of this situation, the leadership of NGO “Union “People's Memory” decided to organize the all-Ukrainian search expedition “Cheremkha -2016”.
Some time later, on the second day of the expedition, the search group “Kiev”, besides the earlier discovered remains of three soldiers, found the remains of two more soldiers. The exhumation will be carried out in the nearest time.    
The search group “East” was assigned an individual mission. Their team, among the members of which there was an anthropologist Yuriy Dolzhenko, worked at the abandoned cemetery in 2.5 km from the camp. 
During the excavation they found the remains of the servicemen who took part in the armed hostilities at the slopes and tops of mount Kukul. During a day the searchers of “East”exhumed the remains of 13 persons at the destroyed common grave.  

To the camp all the searchers came back for dinner. Tired, but pleased with the findings, they discussed the past day.

The weather gladdened all the searchers: it was not raining, the mist almost cleared away, it got warmer. There has appeared a possibility to dry a little bit the things that became wet in the daily rain.

The evening of the expedition's second day ended in a meeting of leadership for summarizing the day and discussing the plans for the third day of searches.
All the residents of the camp sat for a while near the bonfire and then being tired came back to their tents. 

 22 – 28 August, 2016 within the administrative boundaries of such urban-type settlements as Kosov, Verkhovyna, Vorokhta of Ivano-Frankovsk region, urban-type settlement of Yasinia of Transcarpathian region and in the area of the ridge of mount Kukul NGO “Union “People's Memory” is holding a search military-memorial expedition “International Memory Watch “Cheremkha-2016” which is dedicated to the centenary of the battle for the Carpathian passes. The event is hold with the support of the State service of Ukraine for veterans of war and participants of anti-terrorist operation in partnership with Ivano-Frankovsk and Transcarpathian regional state administrations.  
Under the auspices of NGO “Union “People's Memory” in search operations are involved: AYOS “Obelisk”, SS “Obelisk” (Glukhov town), ARMHH “Platzdarm”, HSO “Search-Dnieper” (Dnieper city), HSO “Search-Dnieper” (Krivoy Rog city), MHC “Kakhovka”, LRHEA “Makovka-Brody”, PO “Search-West”, “Volyn antiquities”, etc. 
During the expedition there are planned works on search of unknown places of burial during the World War I, studying and examination of the discovered objects, the exhumation of the remains of the deceased servicemen, a solemn burial of the remains in specially designated memorial areas, exchange of experience and strengthening cooperation of search organizations of Ukraine. Besides, there will be the restoration of the military cemetery at mount Kukul which is connected with the events of 1916. Besides Ukraine, the centenary of the World War I which is also called Great is celebrated by commemorative events in the countries whose citizens participated in the armed hostilities during the World War I (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland). 

Additional information: +38 093 757 7565 or +38 050 974 83 41. 


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