On the Day of Ukraine's liberation from fascist invaders!

On the 28th of October, Ukraine celebrates Day of Liberation from fascist invaders which is celebrated in accordance with the decree of President of Ukraine of 20.09.2009, "...with the aim of all-people's celebration of the liberation of Ukraine from fascist invaders, honoring the heroic exploit and sacrifice of the Ukrainian people during the Second World War".

72 years have passed since the time when there was liberated the last populated area in the most Western part of Ukraine, that is, Transcarpathia. The liberation was participated in by more than 2.3 million soldiers and officers, tens of thousands of partisans and underground fighters. For the years of war and occupation there deceased about 10 million Ukrainians, destroyed 28 thousand villages, 714 cities and towns, 85-90% of infrastructure and industry. But our people endured and gained victory.

The staff of NGO "Union "People's Memory" and "Black Tulip" Humanitarian mission wholeheartedly congratulates all Ukrainians on this holiday and wishes them strong spirit, forces and achievements worthy of the memory of our heroes of the past.

From our side, we continue search of thousands of soldiers – liberators who until present lie in unknown places of burial at the places of fight and are considered "missing."

Therefore, we ask all those not indifferent to report about such places of burial by hotline - 0-800-501-482.

Save honor and memory together!



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