Day №2 of "Liberation of Kryvbas" gave important results

Day №2 of "Liberation of Kryvbas" Search Military-Memorial Expedition was even more rich in terms of discoveries than Day №1.     

During the day in the fields near Vysoke Pole village 6 groups of searchers worked.  

In the result, the group No. 5 under the leadership of Dmitriy Korzh, who continued exhumation the soldier found in the first day, was able to establish that the deceased soldier was a soldier of the Wehrmacht. This was evidenced by the concomitant materials (two buttons from underwear). The searchers managed to determine the boundaries of the soil "disturbance'' and started to clear away the remains. The works will be continued the next day as well.

Fortune smiled upon the searchers of  group №1, whose commander is Piotr Naidiuk.  Thanks to the signal of the metal detector, they have identified 3 German helmets, 2 drawers from mortars with four 81-mm mines, shovel, set of additional charges, hammer and a lot of cartridges for the Mauser rifle.In addition to these findings the searchers were ''waited for'' in the earth by the remains of 3 soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Most likely it comes to the deceased German mortar squad. The explosive items were handed over to the representatives of the State Service of Ukraine. The works continue.

Other groups managed to discover many findings and "metal witnesses" (weapon parts and armor shards, ammo) of the Second World War period.


From 5th till 12th August 2017, not far from Vysoke Pole village (Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk Region) it's conducted the second All-Ukrainian Search Military-Memorial Expedition "Liberation of Kryvbas".

This time the expedition will be participated by more than 80 people, most of whom will be the growing generation, representatives of youth search squads of Ukraine!

The main aim of this year is not only to try to find unknown burial sites of soldiers, but to approach in a complex way the study of the areas where took place the armed hostilities of World War II – to thoroughly examine and mark on the map all the identified artifacts, fortification and graves.

The works will be carried out using techniques of criminology and geophysics forming the basis of the future industry of general archaeology under the title "Archaeology of wars".

The expedition will be conducted with the support of the State Service of Ukraine for War Veterans and ATO Participants, local authorities and self-government.

To take part in the expedition are invited journalists of Ukrainian and foreign mass media!

For additional information, please call: +380682015506 or +38 050 974 83 41


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