Congratulation on the Victory Day

For us, searchers, the Victory Day has always been a special holiday.

We understand all too well that a war is not only victories and heroes, but above all, human suffering and personal tragedies. After all, how many soldiers and ordinary civilians were killed during the Second World War, and how many people went missing... They have no number. And we are still finding fallen heroes who have not come back home from the front ... Only for the past few years, we have found the remains of more than 5 thousand soldiers of the Second World War and a large part of them are the Ukrainians.   

Our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, fathers, husbands, sons and brothers did not get scared, did not give up – they went through for sake of freedom of our people and sacrificed their lives for our future.

And they won. Then, in 1945.

And we are alive thanks to them! Now, in the XXI century!

Glory to the heroes! The deceased and the survived! Glory to those who defended our Motherland!

 Happy Victory Day!

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