Blessed search


Probably, practically everyone, who's engaged in search, has his own beliefs and omens, or a certain order of actions which are meant to attract good luck in the search activity.   

For example, treasure hunters worship so-called Father of Land - the keeper of treasures and other valuables hidden or lost in the earth. There are those who simply go to the field with a smile and a kind word to the land.

Many searchers, before start of the digging, read a short Orthodox prayer about the repose of the souls of people at this place...

April 18th, 2018, Search-Dnipro Squad (Krivyi Rih City, Union People's Memory) got a church blessing for conducting search works.

One can say that this is a kind of tradition. For several years the citizens of Kryvyi Rih have started their search season with visiting the Temple of Holy Spirit (Novozhytomyr Village, Kryvyi Rih District, Dnipropetrovsk Region). At first, small worship takes place after which the military chaplain, Father Yuri, tells the searchers the words of admonition. 

The searchers sincerely believe that this is necessary and correct.

"Our work is in some way a sacred duty, and without God's help it is not easy to carry it out. We invade the world of the dead, the other "sphere"- and it’s desirable to get a blessing. Besides, despite many years of experience carrying out the work can be difficult in the moral sense. ", Anatoliy Zolotariov, Head of Kryvyi Rih Search-Dnipro Squad, shares his thoughts.

One should note that after the blessing Anatoliy handed the squad's members new search ID cards.

Now one can definitely start a new search season!



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