"Black Tulip" changed the location of the base

Last week "Black Tulip" humanitarian mission changed the location of its base in the area of demarcation line in Donbass. Earlier, the mission headquarters was in the village of Zelenoyoe Pole, now it is in the town of Slavyansk (Donetsk region).

The decision about moving was made for a reason. For two years of continuous operation of the mission the character of its work has gradually changed. Earlier (especially in 2014-2015) the main task of "Black Tulip" was search and evacuation of a large number of the bodies of the deceased in hot pursuit in the places of fight, but today there becomes more and more careful analytical and research work. Herewith, the quality of this work depends on effective communication with the local population and law enforcement agencies (first of all, police), requires high mobility, namely, access to good roads and communication.

New location is much better than the previous one, also, because there are two good transportation corridors which are situated very closely. This allows the mission participants to quickly and effectively get to the necessary point of destination at any time.

New base will also be looked after by our searchers from ARMHH "Platzdarm" (NGO "Union "People's Memory"). Also, there will change the character of the formation of search-research groups.

Combat friends we take with us and keep up the traditions of moving 

Specifying a probable location for work

Final touches.

Moved! Everything is great! We are ready to work!

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