"Black Tulip": another rotation, new hundreds of kilometers…

The participants of "Black Tulip" humanitarian mission held another rotation.

Here's what Sergey Bratchuk wrote about that on his page in Facebook:

"Black Tulip": chronicles of courage and grief. ...The farther away from us the time of fighting of this war, the more difficult it is to return home the deceased. Sometimes, the earth, literally being sifted, does not want to reveal its secrets and give back the remains. Just like shouting, "They are mine. I will not give back!"... We have a difficult task, that is, to return everybody. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... simply to return... Although it is "simply" that is very "difficult"... But we're going to the top. To return everybody. Without exception...."Black Tulip": another rotation, new hundreds of kilometers... We are searching…

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