For the attention of mass media representatives

On the 22nd of June at 8 a.m. there will take place a solemn reburial of 21 soldiers of the Red Army.

On Wednesday, on the 22 nd of June at 8 a.m. in Borschev village (Kiev Region) near the memorial "Baryshevsky boiler house" there will take place a solemn reburial of 21 soldiers of the Red Army who deceased in 1941 defending Kiev from the Nazi invaders. The event is dedicated to the Day of sorrow and commemorating the memory of the victims of war. 

The ceremony will be attended by the leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine, the head of civil-military cooperation of the Armed forces of Ukraine, the leadership of the Kiev regional state administration, The Kiev regional Council, the Department of culture, nationalities and religions of Kiev regional state administration, representatives of Baryshevskaya and Borshchevskaya district state administrations,  members of search groups of All-Ukrainian public organization "Stop War", AYOS "Obelisk", and military students of Academy of SSU. 

Mass media representatives will have an opportunity to communicate with Yaroslav Zhilkin, the Head of All-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" and the searchers who take part in the humanitarian project "Evacuation-200" (" Black Tulip") on search of the missing servicemen in the ATO zone. 


    Contact person: Oleg Portnov

    tel: +38-093-971-54-05 

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