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In 72-nd anniversary of the Victory Day the soldiers found rest The Victory Day in Kutsevolivka village (Onufrievska district, Kirovohrad Region) passed not only with laying flowers to the monument to unknown... 10.05.2017 Подробнее
Tv marathon dedicated to the Victory Day. Studio guests - representatives of "Search-Dnipro" organization 10.05.2017 Подробнее
Congratulation on the Victory Day For us, searchers, the Victory Day has always been a special holiday. We understand all too well that a war is not only victories and heroes, but... 09.05.2017 Подробнее
"Memory of the past we will save" Kakhovka Military-Patriotic Club (Union People's Memory NGO), in the framework of "Save memory" All-Ukrainian Campaign devoted their weekend to... 09.05.2017 Подробнее
Near Kiev were found the remains of 23 soldiers who defended the capital in 1941 Near Kiev there were found the remains of 23 soldiers who defended the capital in 1941. The fallen were found by the villagers of Marianivka right in... 07.05.2017 Подробнее
Saving the memory about the war in the descendants' hearts Obelisk Association of Youth Search Organizations (Union People's Memory NGO) continues "Save memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign. May 4th, on the eve... 05.05.2017 Подробнее
Solemn reburial of the fighters against Nazism will be held on the eve of the Victory Day May 6th at 12:00 a.m.at the Memorial complex in Maryanivka village   (Vasilkiv district, Kyiv Region), in the framework of the Ukrainian... 03.05.2017 Подробнее
THE DAY OF MEMORY CAN NOT BE SEPARATED FROM THE VICTORY DAY — MR. ZHYLKIN Already for the third year at the state level in Ukraine the Memory and Reconciliation Day is celebrated on May 8th, and on May 9th Victory Day is... 03.05.2017 Подробнее
Two volunteers of "Black Tulip" were awarded with the Order For Courage Recently, in the building of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration (Dnipro City), local authorities presented awards to honored workers of... 02.05.2017 Подробнее
Mother of the deceased boy learned that he had fought against Ukraine only after his death (video) Olga Garbuzenko, the mother of 19-year-old pro-Russian militant, was reported the death of her son, when in Slovyansk of Donetsk Region were fierce... 30.04.2017 Подробнее
"Save memory!" All-Ukrainian Campaign successfully continues At the defense line of Synelnykove Town (Dnipropetrovsk Region) there was conducted voluntary Saturday work by the efforts of Evgeniy Grigoriyevich,... 28.04.2017 Подробнее
In Derbent took place the reburial of the soldier's remains found by searchers of Union People's Memory NGO ( Video. News of Derbent) 27.04.2017 Подробнее
Echoe of the war (excavations on the First World War) In France, near Carsprach town during road repair works there was accidentally found a war tunnel where the grenade stopped the time in 1918, having... 27.04.2017 Подробнее
"The memory we will save about that war..." In the framework of ongoing all-Ukrainian campaign "Save memory!", the searchers of Platzdarm Association of Researchers For Military-Historical... 24.04.2017 Подробнее
In Kakhovka they held a round table dedicated to the Victory Day April 22nd, at the initiative of Kakhovka Military-Patriotic Club (Union People's Memory NGO) in the session hall of Kakhovka Town Council there was... 23.04.2017 Подробнее
Heroes came back home   In Novopavlovsk they reburied the soldiers deceased near Kiev in 1941. They were identified by Ukrainian pathfinders who returned heroes to... 20.04.2017 Подробнее
Searchers of Poltava Region conducted the first field reconnaissances Despite the changeable and rather unwelcoming weather, the participants of Union People's Memory NGO are intensively carrying out field trips and... 20.04.2017 Подробнее
Happy Easter Dear friends, colleagues, partners! I heartily congratulate you on Easter! They say that this is the day when the impossible can become reality... 17.04.2017 Подробнее
Near Kovel an excavator "found" a mass grave   Near Kovel an excavator "found" a mass grave. An unrecorded mass grave of victims of the Second World War was found by the searchers... 12.04.2017 Подробнее
Happy Birthday, Yaroslav Alexandrovich! Today is the birthday of a great person, a Leader, to some extent, an extreme Romantic of the century; the person with a capital letter and many... 30.03.2017 Подробнее
Австрийские поисковики обнаружили захоронение солдат Красной Армии Austrian searchers found a burial place of the Red Army soldiers The mass grave of the Soviet soldiers who deceased during the Second World War is discovered in Austria by the local search groups. Peter Sixl, Head... 30.03.2017 Подробнее
Findings of Kakhovka MPC replenished the museum’s exposition Recently, the searchers of Kakhovka Military-Patriotic Club (Union People's Memory NGO) have officially handed over to Kherson Regional Museum the... 28.03.2017 Подробнее
Representatives of Black Tulip met the Volunteer's Day On the 14th of March, for the first time Ukraine celebrated the Volunteer's Day. The celebration of this date was established on the 17th of January... 16.03.2017 Подробнее
Kakhovka Military-Patriotic club opens a search season Anually, on the eve of the day of Kherson's liberation from Nazi invaders, in Kherson bridgehead there gather all search groups of the region for... 14.03.2017 Подробнее
A resident of Donetsk Region found on his land plot the remains of the German soldiers A resident of Mirnaya Dolina village of Donetsk Region found on his plot the remains of four German soldiers. In the press-service of the police... 13.03.2017 Подробнее
In Krivoy Rog they celebrated the liberation of Inguletskiy district from Nazi invaders On the 2nd of March, in "Ridnokray" Inguletskiy Center for Сhildren and Youth Art (ICCYA) of Kryvoy Rog there took place an event dedicated to the... 03.03.2017 Подробнее
Волонтер «Черного Тюльпана» награжден орденом «За мужество» Volunteer of "Black Tulip" was awarded with an order for courage On 23rd February, in the building of Kiev City State Administration, Vitaliy Klitschko, mayor of Kiev handed awards to today's heroes of the country... 23.02.2017 Подробнее
«Истории немеркнущую память мы сохраним потомкам на века...» "Immortal memory of history we will save for descendants for centuries..." Recently, the searchers of HPC "Search-Dnieper" (NGO "Union "People's Memory") have replenished one of the exhibition halls of Krivoy Rog Local... 23.02.2017 Подробнее
MPC "Kakhovka" celebrated the second anniversary of Debaltsevo's tragedy Yesterday, in Kakhovka town there took place an event marking the second anniversary of the tragic battle for Debaltsevo. Its organizers were the... 20.02.2017 Подробнее
"Ukrainian East" On the 17th of January, in the hall of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II there took place the opening of a museum-... 19.02.2017 Подробнее
Opening of "Ukrainian East" exhibition in Kiev The exhibition of unique exhibits from the ATO "Ukrainian East" opened in the main military museum of Ukraine. On the 17th of February in the... 19.02.2017 Подробнее
Press release of the opening of the exhibition "Ukrainian East" On February 17th, 2017 at 11a.m. in the introductory hall of the main exposition of the National Museum of History of Ukraine in the Second World War... 16.02.2017 Подробнее
В Греции эвакуировали 70 тыс человек: нашли снаряд Второй мировой In Greece there were evacuated 70 thousand people: they found a shell of the Second World War In the Greek city of Thessaloniki there was found an avia-shell of the Second World War. The entrance to the city is limited, security measures are... 12.02.2017 Подробнее
A good dog deserves a good bone On the 27th of January, Ivan Rusnak, first Deputy of the Ukrainian Minister of Defense was handed over departmental awards to the group of volunteers... 29.01.2017 Подробнее
Red Cross supported "Black Tulip" 26 января представители Международного Комитета Красного Креста передали партию технической помощи Гуманитарной Миссии «Черный Тюльпан» (ВОО «Союз «... 27.01.2017 Подробнее
There took place the opening of unique exhibition "For Ukraine, Freedom and human dignity" On the 12th of December in the reading room of the Scientific library of Uzhgorod National University there took place the opening of the unique... 27.01.2017 Подробнее
British family restores a bomber The Lancaster bomber was considered one of the most effective aircrafts of the Second World War. It became a formidable weapon of the allied... 26.01.2017 Подробнее
Verkhovna Rada opened the exhibition of the things of the Ukrainian fighters deceased in the ATO zone In the lobbies of the Verkhovna Rada they introduced a project "Checkpoint of memory". In the boxes from shells there are the things handed over by... 25.01.2017 Подробнее
День Соборности встретили с наградами Day of Unity was met with awards On the 23nd of January, in the conference hall of Kiev City State Administration there was held the solemn awarding of outstanding Kiev residents.... 25.01.2017 Подробнее
День Соборности Украины у берегов Днепра Day of Unity of Ukraine at the banks of the Dnieper On the 22nd of January one annually celebrates the Day of Unity of Ukraine. On this day in 1919 there was signed the Act of reunification of the... 25.01.2017 Подробнее
Американский бомбардировщик времен войны найден под Сочи в ходе поисков Ту-154 American bomber of the war time was found near Sochi during the search of the Tu-154 Boston B-3, an American plane of the times of the Great Patriotic War was found in December in the sea near Sochi after the crash of the Tu-154,... 19.01.2017 Подробнее
Dear friends! NGO "Union "People's Memory" is seeking help! One of our Krivoy Rog searchers, the author of the electronic "Memory Book" – Vadim Shalbanov – has... 16.01.2017 Подробнее
Welcome to the exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the First World War On the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War 17 January 2017 at the National Museum of history of Ukraine... 13.01.2017 Подробнее
Stunning Color Footage Of The Battle of the Bulge Prior to the Battle of the Bulge, a line, 88 miles long, was drawn by Allied officers throughout the Ardennes region. The Ardennes lies in Belgium... 12.01.2017 Подробнее
The B-17 Swamp Ghost – Found After 68 Years In the Jungle The Agaimbo swamp is located in one of the most remote regions of Papua New Guinea. It is infested by malaria–carrying mosquitoes and huge crocodiles... 11.01.2017 Подробнее
Dear friends, colleagues, partners! I heartily congratulate you on coming holidays - New Year and Christmas! 2016 was filled not only with joyful moments, but also real ordeals.... 29.12.2016 Подробнее
Ярослав Жилкин включен в новый состав Общественного совета при Государственной архивной службе Украины Yaroslav Zhylkin is included in the new staff of the Public Council at the State Archive Service of Ukraine December 21st, in the conference room of Ukrderzharkhiv there took place a founding meeting on formation of new staff of the Public Council. On... 21.12.2016 Подробнее
For 2016 "Black Tulip" took out from Donbass bodies of 106 deceased Search groups of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission during the current year have discovered in Donbass 106 bodies of the soldiers deceased in the... 19.12.2016 Подробнее
Missing persons because of the conflict in Donbass can be about 500 - "Black Tulip" According to preliminary estimates, because of the conflict in Donbass the number of missing could reach about 500 people. About that said at the... 19.12.2016 Подробнее
A documentary film about the work of volunteers of "Black Tulip" received the award ''Teletriumph 2016'' One of the winners of the National television award "Teletriumph 2016" was the film Despite. Mission, the creators of which are the employees of TV... 09.12.2016 Подробнее
Happy International Volunteer's Day! Dear friends, colleagues! Today, the whole world is celebrating the International Volunteer's Day established by the UN in 1985. It happened that... 05.12.2016 Подробнее
Union "People's Memory" celebrates the 5th anniversary of its founding December 1, 2016, in Kiev Museum "Kosoy caponir" there took place a Meeting of the Supreme body of the Board (Congress) of "People's Memory". The... 02.12.2016 Подробнее
NGO "Union "People's Memory" sums up the year's results 1st - 2nd December of this year, in Kiev city there will take place a series of events dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the establishment of NGO "... 30.11.2016 Подробнее
On guard for life 24 November 2016, the Association of Young Search Organizations "Obelisk" (NGO "Union "People's Memory") together with ''Korchaginets'' search group... 26.11.2016 Подробнее
Not only search "Platzdarm'' is famous for From the 17th till the 20th of November in Truskavets town of Lvov Region there took place the World Championship of khorting in which our searchers... 22.11.2016 Подробнее
Searchers of "Search-Dnieper" squad found the remains of 10 soldiers Reconnaissances with the aim of search of unburied remains of the soldiers who deceased during the Second World War in the area of Vysokoyoe Pole... 21.11.2016 Подробнее
In October 2016, the representatives of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian Mission ( NGO "Union "People's Memory") attended a course of lectures of the ICRC The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) heads and coordinates the activity on providing international humanitarian assistance in... 19.11.2016 Подробнее
"He came back home from a combat mission..." 73 years later the remains of the Ukrainian pilot have finally found peace in the native land November 14th, 2016 at Zaporozhskoye cemetery of... 15.11.2016 Подробнее
Dear friends and readers! Starting from 15.00 Sunday the website of all-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory", the website of "Black Tulip" Humanitarian... 14.11.2016 Подробнее
With a "flowering" poppy on the chest we will remember about the deceased… For many years consecutive, on the 11th of November, Ukraine and other European countries celebrate the Day of Memory of the deceased in the World... 11.11.2016 Подробнее
To make peace at the graves... From the 3rd till the 6x of October, 2016 the delegation of "Union "People's Memory" took part in the search expedition in Germany. To make peace... 11.11.2016 Подробнее
"From hands to hands" - the findings of the searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory" were handed over to the funds of the museum of Dmitrovka village Recently, to the office of NGO "Union "People's Memory" arrived a letter from the representatives of Dmitrovka village Council of Chernigov region.... 07.11.2016 Подробнее
How to interest a child in history The exhibits of the war time and the stories of people, who have been to the ATO zone, will be quite a good alternative to computer games. For... 06.11.2016 Подробнее
Dear friends! Today, we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Kiev from Nazi invaders. On 6x November, 1943 from the capital of our Motherland there... 06.11.2016 Подробнее
73-th anniversary of Kiev's liberation is celebrated by National Military-Historical Museum of Ukraine with the opening of the exhibition There are dates that are impossible not to know and not remember. The 6th of November the capital of Ukraine will celebrate the 73-th anniversary of... 05.11.2016 Подробнее
There was launched a new online-service - "Report of a burial site" The staff of the all-Ukrainian public organization "Union "People's Memory" calls everybody to report about of unknown or forgotten burial sites of... 04.11.2016 Подробнее
Inter TV-channel prepared a special project for the Day of Kiev's liberation from Nazi invaders The day after tomorrow, 6 November, there will 73 years since Kiev's liberation from Nazi invaders' troops. Inter TV-channel has created a... 04.11.2016 Подробнее
In the Pacific Ocean there were found the remains of the famous airwoman who disappeared in 1937 Scientists suggest that the remains, found on the island in the Pacific ocean, belong to aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. "In 1937, Amelia Earhart... 03.11.2016 Подробнее
''Over time conducting searches of those who deceased in Donbass is getting more difficult'' says Mr. Zhylkin The way how the searches of the remains of the deceased in the ATO zone are conducted. With the latest news we have a guest - Yaroslav Zhylkin, Head... 31.10.2016 Подробнее
Searchers of NGO "Union "People's Memory" became the heroes of the reportage Recently, the searchers managed to unearth the fragments of the plane during the Second World War. It is reported about by one of newspapers of... 31.10.2016 Подробнее
On the Day of Ukraine's liberation from fascist invaders! On the 28th of October, Ukraine celebrates Day of Liberation from fascist invaders which is celebrated in accordance with the decree of President of... 28.10.2016 Подробнее
"Black Tulip" changed the location of the base Last week "Black Tulip" humanitarian mission changed the location of its base in the area of demarcation line in Donbass. Earlier, the mission... 28.10.2016 Подробнее
IN ZHYTOMIR REGION THERE FOUND PARTS OF THE AIRCRAFT SHOT DOWN BY THE GERMANS DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR The residents of Shevchenko village in the field behind the village have repeatedly found metal wreckage. In 1944 over the village there was a fierce... 21.10.2016 Подробнее
There were found the plane's remnants in Romanov district of Zhytomir region In Romanov district of Zhytomir region the searchers of NGO “Union “People's Memory“ have found the remnants of the plane.   21.10.2016 Подробнее
In Kiev in the street there was found an explosive shell In Kiev in Osipovskogo street in the package right in the middle of the street there was a shell. This was reported about on Facebook page "Kiev... 17.10.2016 Подробнее
In Zhytomir during the road works there was discovered an ancient dungeon In Zhytomir during the road works on Bol'shaya Berdichevskaya Street they found an ancient dungeon. The tunnel was discovered after the excavator... 11.10.2016 Подробнее
PO “Search-Dnieper“ came across a mass grave of the liberators of Krivoy Rog land As far back as at the end of the last year, the searchers of PO “Search-Dnieper“, which is in the staff of NGO “Union “People's Memory“, came across... 10.10.2016 Подробнее
Near Oleshki there was found an unknown soldier The unknown soldier was found... right on the road. Sergey Mynkin, leader of the group ''Kherson'' group of military-historical club "Kakhovka", was... 10.10.2016 Подробнее
"Black Tulip": another rotation, new hundreds of kilometers… The participants of "Black Tulip" humanitarian mission held another rotation. Here's what Sergey Bratchuk wrote about that on his page in Facebook... 07.10.2016 Подробнее
“Union “People's Memory“ shares the documents for studying the tragedy of “Zelionaya Brama“ Archival materials, found a few years ago, will help recreate the events of the year of 1941. From the 29th till 30th of September in... 04.10.2016 Подробнее