American bomber of the war time was found near Sochi during the search of the Tu-154

Американский бомбардировщик времен войны найден под Сочи в ходе поисков Ту-154

Boston B-3, an American plane of the times of the Great Patriotic War was found in December in the sea near Sochi after the crash of the Tu-154, announced on Thursday to Interfax by a source familiar with the course of the search operation.

According to preliminary data, it noted, Boston plane was in service of the 63rd bomber aviation regiment (BAR 63) and crashed during the takeoff from Adler aerodrome November 15, 1942.

"To the surface from the seabed there was raised one of the engines of the twin-engine aircraft, according to the insignia of which one will be able to exactly establish its belonging, the circumstances of the crash and fate of the crew", said the agency interlocutor.

Douglas A-20 Havoc/DB-7 Boston is a series of aircrafts included attack aircrafts, bombers, heavy night fighters, during the war, they were delivered to the USSR by lend-lease program.



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