All-Ukrainian search military-memorial expedition “Liberation of Krivbass”

The Germans used it as a stronghold during the battles for the steading of Vysokiy.

Since then in the orchards and vegetable gardens of their residents there are our deceased soldiers. They have been there for 72 years.

Some graves are still taken care of, the location of the others has already erased from memory. 

The participants of the All-Ukrainian search military-memorial expedition “Liberation of Krivbass” 

have raised the soldiers from two places of burial. These were six Red Army soldiers. We will rebury them at the memorial of Vysokiy steading. 

There is reason to hope that it will be possible to return them their names.

And in autumn we will come back to Nikolaevka again. We will try to find everyone. Some graves are already identified..

Victoria Simkina

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