86 nameless were decently reburied in Donetsk Region

To the fields around the villages of Sidorove, Mayaky, Pyshyb and Tatyanovka, which are in Slovyansk district of Donetsk Region, the searchers of Plazdarm ARMHH were called by people. They were called to look at the earth strewn with human bones, and at the trees, on which skulls hung. This is the way looters amuse themselves. The searchers began to work, having armed with archival information, according to which from 1941 to 1943, around these villages there has been heavy fighting.
What weapon was used is difficult to say today, but almost all remains found by the searchers were burnt, some of them completely. Our troops took part in Operation Gallop, in the crossing of the Seversky Donets River. A breakthrough on the Northern frontier ended in a local defeat, and the Germans flung the Red Army soldiers back. Two weeks later, the breakthrough was managed to do and the Soviet troops made their way in the direction of Kharkiv Region. But they left many fallen comrades on the fields.

86 of them were buried on a sunny May day in the cemetery of Tatyanivka village. After all, it is here where was their first frontier which the fighters were able to overcome, but they failed to go farther Tatyanivka.

86. Nameless.

And everything could be otherwise. The researchers sadly concluded that more than half of them were mercilessly mutilated by looters. And the ground around was littered with small pieces of paper. In these pieces, one could notice the fragments of military service record books of the Red Army soldiers. The searchers have given them to the expert examination, but it proved to be powerless. That's why the soldiers' names are lost for descendants forever. To deprive a person of his life is a terrible sin, and to take away even the memory of it is even more terrible apparently.

The people who gathered to accompany their liberators on the last journey, listened to the speakers attentively. Among them there were Heads of the village, district, region, searchers. The topic of the Great Patriotic War remains painful for Tatianivka residents and those of Donetsk Region. Today – especially. Because the lands of Donetsk Region are again irrigated with blood. Or maybe these fighters, who allowed to find their remains in 74 years from the date of their death, by their appearance wanted us to remind of something? We don't know the answer to this question. But we know that that one who does not want to listen will never hear. Besides, we know that on the battlefields of World War II there is still a large number of unburied remains of our soldiers. And this figure is very painful for the searchers.

In his address to those who gathered to pay their last respects to the fallen Red Army soldiers, Alexey Yukov, the commander of Plazdarm Sloviansk squad of searchers said,  "When you eat bread that grew on the fields of Donetsk Region, remember that you take it from the palms of the deceased soldiers of that Great War!"

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