In 72-nd anniversary of the Victory Day the soldiers found rest

The Victory Day in Kutsevolivka village (Onufrievska district, Kirovohrad Region) passed not only with laying flowers to the monument to unknown soldiers and honoring the heroes. On this day there took place also the reburial of 8 Red Army soldiers who deceased at the village terrritory during the crossing of the Dnipro River in 1943.

The searchers of Vechno zhyvym NGO (Union People's Memory NGO) discovered the remains of these soldiers in September, 2016 during one of the field trips. Then one of the soldiers was managed to return the name, thanks to the discovered Medal "For courage". The remaining 8 soldiers stayed unknown. Unfortunately, apart from the fragments of ammunition, boots, belt and a pair of buttons near the remains there was discovered nothing that would help identify them.

But nevertheless it gladdens that the searchers have found the soldiers. Now they will find rest at last rest  – although they are unknown, but heroes.   

The event was attended by Heads of the village and district Council, district deputies, village veterans, local residents and pupils of Kutsevolivka schools. Many people came to accompany soldiers on the last journey.

The clergy representatives held a memorial service over the deceased, after that their remains were solemnly interred.

A farewell volley performed by a military unit. The orchestra sounds. People are bringing flowers...

Eternal memory to the heroes.

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