5 soldiers found rest in Poltava Region

To the Day of Memory and Grief, the searchers of Vechno Zhyvym NGO (Union People's Memory NGO) held the reburial of the remains of 5 Soviet soldiers.    

They were found in 2016, during field trips of the searchers on the territory of Hhryhoro-Bryhadyrivka village (Kobeliaky district Poltava Region). In distant 1941, there were fierce battles here, in one of which, apparently, the soldiers deceased.    

The ceremony of reburial took place at the memorial of the village.   

To accompany the heroes to the last journey came local residents, pupils of schools, representatives of rural and district Council. 

They held a memorial service for the deceased. 

The remains of the soldiers were buried under the salvo performed by reenactors from the neighboring village of Dmytrivka.

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